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Box O'Cats is like Apples to Apples, Fluxx, and a family-friendly Cards Against Humanity--only more interactive than them all!

Box O’ Cats™, The Game of Creative Adventures is a lively party game of adventure and diplomacy. it is often compared to Apples To Apples, a family-friendly Cards Against Humanity, and Fluxx.

In this fun family and party game, players solve dilemmas using the items in their hands via lively discussion and negotiation. Players win by best solving bizarre dilemmas with odd treasures and unique items!

But lets be honest....We just like an excuse to play pretend! Box O'Cats is a chance to face enormous challenges from the comfort of your couch, with colorful cards to guide the story....

Do you want to know a secret?

We can tell you why people like Box O'Cats even more than similar popular games. We can tell you what sets Box O'Cats apart.

But first, in this totally unscripted video a family shows how easy Box O'Cats is to learn--in less than 3 minutes! But don't think Box O'Cats is simply child's play. Adults love the creative conversation, competition and cooperation that Box O'Cats unleashes as players debate solutions to situations from real to surreal:

As Box O'Cats play continues, players engineer the situation so their items are chosen to solve the dilemma. They do this through storytelling, persuasion, luck, and choosing the right items for the right situation and players--and by guiding the simple storyline in their direction.

Your Friends and Family Will Love It!
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Who can play Box O'Cats?

Did you happen to notice in the video even dogs enjoy a family game of Box O'Cats? Box O'Cats is a "party game" where, using items from fire trucks to time machines, players solve amazing challenges through creativity and persuasion. The dilemmas range from throwing a fantastic party to stopping comets from colliding into the earth or surviving after nuclear war. As long as someone can handle serious and fun dilemmas with a sense of fun, adventure, and humor they can enjoy the game. Adults and families love it!

Box O'Cats appeals to nearly every type of person, because it can be played casually or strategically. Who loves Box O'Cats?

Is Box O'Cats a game about cats?

The Box O'Cats card is a "wild card". It seems to be a magical, mystical, mechanical, or otherwise marvelous box of mysterious cats. Only you can tell us for sure. Most situations do not involve cats. However, since we did name the game after the magnificent card, we are also putting out...The Cat Box, now in limited release. It may be a bit hard to get, so consider yourself lucky if you find it...

The Cat Box is both a card expansion and game of its own.

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The Secret

Sorry, we almost forgot...OK. here it is...the reason people like Box O'Cats isn't about what we did in creating it. It's about what you do in sharing fun imaginative interactions solving the most outrageous dilemmas. Box O'Cats is you and your imagination and your relationships. It's about solving problems together--yet still competing to be the best problem solver. Even after the game is long over you still have stories to share.


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